At home:

FI EE CH HeVW-16 Heilurihännän Black Cherry

FI NO CH Karloon Guess I’m Quick

FI EE CH Karloon Hip Hop Flit

FI SE EE CH NORDJW-17 FIW-18 Blakens Look The Part

Karloon Lady Of Lanayru

Flatcoated retriever
Heilurihännän Country Passion

Co-owned & Owned with breeding terms

Karloon Funky Flow

FI EE CH Karloon I Am A Rosemodel

EE JCH HeJW-19 Karloon Knead The Dough

Karloon Laughing Korok

In Memoriam

Our loved ones that went over the rainbow bridge.

FI CH Binacan Young Rose ”Roosa”

FI CH Karloon Couldn’t Be Quicker ”Telma”